Success Stories - Wholesaler Institute
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Success Stories

Assante Asset Management

It’s no secret! Assante Asset Management knocks the ball out of the park selling its fee-based product. The Assante wholesaling culture had always promoted seminar selling to advisors. When Assante wholesalers deliver client seminars, appointments and sales inevitably result.

Keyport Life Insurance

Keyport Life Insurance needed an effective strategy and tools for cross selling to qualified bank customers. They faced a twofold problem: how to get bank customers to feel comfortable with investment products and how to generate valuable referrals from bank employees.

Ameritas Variable Life Insurance Company

Working as a team with the Vice President of Sales Development and the marketing department of Pioneer Funds, the Wholesaler Institute created one of the most complete Value-First Wholesaler™ programs in the financial industry: the Premier Producer Institute (PPI). 

Pioneer Funds

The wholesalers of Ameritas Variable Life Insurance Company needed a comprehensive Value-First™ program to initiate and build productive relationships with financial advisors. The Wholesaler Institute designed a multifaceted marketing education program for Ameritas wholesalers to deliver. “The Provision™” seminar system gives wholesalers a proven way to help advisors acquire more clients.

Integrity Life Insurance Company

The wholesaling team at Integrity Life Insurance Company faced the challenge of competing against products that offered outstanding features. Seeking to increase sales, Integrity invested in training to improve wholesaler professionalism. The Wholesaler Institute provided a variety of targeted skill-development programs for wholesalers, including presentation skills, advanced marketing strategies, one-to-one selling skills, and Value-First Wholesaling™.

Touchstone Funds

For Touchstone Funds, the Wholesaler Institute created the Value-First™ wholesaler presentation “Marketing to the Affluent” and licensed it to them.