Time Master for Wholesalers - Wholesaler Institute
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Time Master for Wholesalers

How to Take Charge of Your Time and Your Life


The effective wholesaler must maintain a full appointment schedule, return telephone calls, coordinate their activities with team members, address operational issues, attend events, stay updated, and put out a variety of fires that continually ignite.


It is no surprise many wholesalers struggle with managing time effectively. In today’s fast-paced financial market environment, time has become the most valuable, yet least available, resource.  In order to keep up and excel, wholesalers must take control and become masters of their time.


This program provides wholesalers like you with a system for taking control of your time every day. You will learn how to maximize sales while simultaneously juggling a variety of activities and projects.


By determining what is most important each day, forgetting everything else, and becoming wholeheartedly involved in your “most important now”, you will achieve new levels of personal and business excellence and fulfillment.


This program will enable you to:

  • Spend more quality time with advisors
  • Accomplish 10% – 40% more each day
  • Identify and eliminate time-wasters
  • Increase your satisfaction and decrease your stress
  • Motivate yourself and others
  • Focus on the activities that produce 80% of the results


(Full agenda available upon request)