Managing a World-Class Wholesaling Team™ - Wholesaler Institute
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Managing a World-Class Wholesaling Team™

Coaching For Sales Managers


The secret to unleashing and maintaining the selling power of every great wholesaling team is visionary leadership combined with effective sales management methods. This program provides the precise management and leadership skills needed to produce dramatic sales results.


Our three-month Managing a World-Class Wholesaling Team™ program provides you with personal roadmaps for achieving long-  and short-term sales goals.  You will be individually coached based upon your team’s specific strengths and weaknesses.  At each session, you will receive feedback to help refine and improve your management strategies, coaching skills, business plan development, timelines, and goals. Ongoing success will infuse your team with a renewed feeling of commitment.


This coaching program will show you how to maximize the potential of your team by harnessing the power of proven management systems. You will be provided with the methods your team needs to keep your team members focused and accountable.


You will learn how to:

  • Deliver dynamic improvement in sales performance with Brilliant Coaching™
  • Write and implement effective duplicatable selling systems and scripts
  • Manage multiple priorities and time effectively
  • Deliver consistent and predictable production
  • Evaluate performance and learn how to hold wholesalers accountable
  • Create an inside sales team that is focused on goals
  • Re-energize senior wholesalers who are stuck in a rut
  • Establish a Value-First™ sales culture
  • Employ the power of mission and vision to energize and inspire the team

(Full Agenda Available Upon Request)