Closing More Sales from the Inside - Wholesaler Institute
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Closing More Sales from the Inside

Comprehensive Sales Training for Internal Wholesalers


The internal sales team possesses enormous potential to close sales, and assist their external counterparts in selling more products. Unfortunately, much of this potential is never realized, because the inside sales team has not been properly trained and coached in winning sales strategies and techniques.


This two-day sales training program will enable your inside team to increase sales within their territories, by implementing the best practices of the most successful internal wholesalers.  Most successful external wholesalers readily admit their productivity would be impossible without their well-trained internal counterpart.


This program is skills-based.  The participants will play an active role in mastering the selling skills needed to accelerate sales from the inside. The program is designed to transform the inside team from a service and client relations mind-set to a world-class sales team.  Your internal sales team will maximize their success by:


  • Qualifying quickly and eliminating nonproductive calls
  • Opening closed doors to top producers
  • Establishing rapport and creating productive relationships
  • Maximizing outbound call activity
  • Dramatically improving the quality of every conversation
  • Harnessing technology to increase productivity
  • Transforming objections into sales opportunities
  • Delivering dynamic presentations
  • Discovering and applying the secret of Value-First Wholesaling™
  • Mastering the art of closing the sale