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Maximizing Leadership Success™

Sales Leadership for Financial Sales Executives

The secret to producing results in the current financial marketplace is dynamic leadership. Dynamic managers are not born; they are coached to achieve greatness. This program is designed to provide sales leaders with specific self-management skills needed to motivate and inspire critical activity that produces sales results.

Topics will include:

  • Coaching the sales and marketing process
  • Managing multiple priorities
  • Identifying effective communications methods for motivating sales
  • Profiling and qualifying
  • Creating effective plans based upon team objectives
  • Applying and installing immutable sales and marketing strategies
  • Harnessing technology for maximizing results
  • Achieving short- and long-term sales goals

This program will provide you the strategies and techniques you need to transform your organization into a team dedicated to change, growth, innovation and improvement. When you apply the five fundamental practices of brilliant leadership you will:

  • Achieve your long- and short-term goals
  • Create support for your ideas and plans
  • Project confidence and credibility in any situation
  • Mobilize effective teams that get things done
  • Maximize commitment and satisfaction

(Full agenda available upon request)

Coach the Coach™

Making the Leap from Manager to Performance Coach

World-Class coaches are not born; they are trained to achieve greatness.  Coaching advisors is both an art and a science.  This program will provide you with the strategies and techniques you need to help advisors grow and develop their business and produce dramatic results in their practices.

If you are an experienced manager who is seeking to transition into the role of coach, or you have had some experience as a coach and would like to refine and enhance your coaching skills, this program is for you.

Brilliant Coaching™ is a structured approach to helping advisors reach the next level of their careers.  It is an achievement-based interactive workshop that goes beyond theory and provides you with the state-of-the-art coaching approaches you need to maximize the potential of your team.

By discovering your own ability to enable advisors to manifest their business vision you will transition from the role of manager to facilitative leader, mentor, and coach.

You will learn how to:

  • Set stretch goals that unleash aspirations
  • Structure effective coaching conversations
  • Remove obstacles to achieving peak performance
  • Employ effective communication skills
  • Generate activity and results with follow-up

(Full agenda available upon request)

Value-First Leadership Coaching™

Leading, Coaching, and Managing a World-Class Wholesaling Team

For Inside Sales Managers

The secret to unleashing the selling power of the inside sales team is world-class sales coaching combined with effective sales management methods. This program provides the precise coaching, management and leadership skills inside sales managers need to produce dramatic sales results and create a team of inside superstars.

This leadership development enables inside sales managers to design personal roadmaps for achieving long- and short-term sales goals with their teams.

The Value-First Leadership Development™ for Inside Sales Mangers is achievement-based and interactive. It goes beyond theory. Each participant takes an active role.  Inside sales managers learn how to maximize the potential of each member of the sales team using the power of Brilliant Coaching™ techniques and proven management systems. Inside sales managers will be provided with strategies they need to keep their team members focused and accountable for sales results.

You will learn how to:

  • Deliver dynamic improvement in sales performance with Brilliant Coaching™
  • Manage multiple priorities and time effectively
  • Harness the power of duplicatable selling systems and scripts
  • Deliver consistent and predictable production
  • Evaluate performance and offer valuable feedback to sales reps
  • Create an inside sales team that is focused on goals
  • Re-energize senior wholesalers who are stuck in a rut
  • Establish a Value-First™ sales culture
  • Employ the power of mission and vision to energize and inspire the team
  • Hire phone sales superstars capable of achieving short- and long-term goals

(Full agenda available upon request)

Achieving Peak Performance™

Experiencing more success professionally and personally

How do we bring more passion, joy and success into our lives?  Paul Karasik, president of the Wholesaler Institute, top-producer coach, world-class athlete and management consultant offers the answer in this powerful program.  By applying proven strategies and principles, you will increase your production and create deeper experience of satisfaction, motivation and inspiration in your life.

You will learn how to create more balance in your life and how to experience more satisfaction in your professional career. This presentation is based upon Paul Karasik’s PBS National Television Special, If My Heart Could Do My Thinking.   Achieving Peak Performance will assist you in creating and achieving your personal and professional goals.  This is an activity-based learning experience in which each participant takes an active role. Improvement in skills occurs through insightful coaching, feedback, discussions and exercises.

Creating Your Compelling Vision

  • You are the CEO
  • Harnessing the power of focus
  • Capitalizing on the Power of Relationships

Taking Charge of Your Time and Life

  • Balancing professional and personal priorities
  • Grounding principles for time mastery
  • Principles for Bridging the Gap

Setting and Achieving Personal Goals

  • Your personal mission, vision and values
  • Establishing physical, emotional, and mental priorities
  • Experiencing more personal satisfaction

Creating Your Personal Motivation Formula

  • The Green House Principle
  • Implementing Effective Entrainment Strategies
  • Staying on track

(Full agenda available upon request)