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Why Most Wholesalers Are Failing


As I was sitting next to a branch manager of a large wire house office, a wholesaler got up to speak to his group in what was billed as a value-added presentation. After a few minutes I casually remarked to the manager, “He’s not a very good presenter.” The manager replied, “They all stink.”

Maximizing Your Potential

Part One: The Simple Strategy for Changing Your Life


Maximizing your potential and changing your life requires focus, commitment, and energy. It also requires proven strategies. By accident, while pursuing my favorite pastime competitive running, I discovered a strategic approach that works.

Maximizing Your Potential

Part Two: How to Get and Stay Motivated


My father fought in an Army infantry division during World War II.  He was a paratrooper and received a variety of combat commendations including the Purple Heart.  For many years after he returned home he would suffer from attacks of malaria.  It was a dramatic reminder of the ordeal he had survived.

Maximizing Your Potential

Part Three: Clarifying Your Life’s Vision


Everything in life happens twice, first in your mind and then in the external world.  Visioning is the creative process of imagining; seeing the unseen before it can be seen.  It is a power every person possesses and exercises either consciously or unconsciously.

Maximizing Your Potential

Part Four: How to Insure Future Success


The most powerful strategy to insure your success is “Entrainment.” Entrainment was initially discovered by a Dutch scientist named Christian Huygen in 1665. While working on the design of a pendulum clock, Huygens discovered that regardless of the size and pattern, when two pendulums were placed near each other, they would eventually begin swinging in the same rate. The exact cause of this has never been discovered. This synchronization effect is universal. It appears throughout nature and in all the sciences including chemistry, biology, astronomy, and geology.