Sales Executive Leadership Forum - Wholesaler Institute
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Sales Executive Leadership Forum


October 26, 2022


1:00 – 4:00 PM EST via Zoom

Program Overview:

If you are a sales manager, we invite you to attend this fast-paced virtual roundtable discussion on the challenges that concern you the most right now. If you want real-life solutions to the areas that concern you most, plan to attend this powerful program. You will be provided with specific insights, strategies, and techniques in areas such as:

  •  Implementing an effective post-covid hybrid model
  •  Revising compensation based upon current conditions.
  •  Effectively managing remotely
  •  Attracting new talent in a difficult hiring environment
  •  Refining and adjusting segmentation

Find out why most leaders readily admit our leadership programs are the most solution-based events they’ve ever attended. Many managers return, to get the most current information for increasing sales.

If you are a sales manager or principal in an organization selling mutual funds, annuities, alternatives, ETF’s, or insurance products we invite you to participate.

Participation is extremely limited because of the participatory format of the Roundtable.

$497 per participant

 For more information and to register Email: or call: 310-546-9277