Achieving Peak Performance - Wholesaler Institute
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Achieving Peak Performance

Experiencing More Success Professionally and Personally


How do we bring more passion, joy and success into our lives?  Paul Karasik, president of The Wholesaler Institute, top-producer coach, world-class athlete and management consultant offers the answer in this powerful program.  By applying proven strategies and principles, you will increase your production and create deeper experience of satisfaction, motivation, and inspiration in your life.


You will learn how to create more balance in your life and how to experience more satisfaction in your professional career. This presentation is based upon Paul Karasik’s PBS National Television Special, If My Heart Could Do My Thinking.


Achieving Peak Performance will assist you in creating and achieving your personal and professional goals.  This is an activity-based learning experience in which each participant takes an active role. Improvement in skills occurs through insightful coaching, feedback, discussions, and exercises.


Creating Your Compelling Vision

  • You are the CEO
  • Harnessing the power of focus
  • Capitalizing on the Power of
  • Relationships


Taking Charge of Your Time and Life

  • Balancing professional and personal priorities
  • Grounding principles for time mastery
  • Principles for Bridging the Gap


Setting and Achieving Personal Goals

  • Your personal mission, vision, and values
  • Establishing physical, emotional, and mental priorities
  • Experiencing more personal satisfaction


Creating Your Personal Motivation Formula

  • The Green House Principle
  • Implementing Effective Entrainment Strategies
  • Staying on Track

(Full agenda available upon request)