Mastering the Art and Science of Sweet Persuasion - Wholesaler Institute
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Mastering the Art and Science of Sweet Persuasion

How to Double Your Income this Year

This program is designed to provide strategies and techniques to create a steady stream of qualified high-value prospects and establish long term, mutually profitable relationships.


You will learn the how to initiate, build, and maximize relationships with high-net- worth households. Targeting the high-net- worth client will enable you to substantially increase your income and grow your business exponentially.


Paul is a Million Dollar Round Table presenter who provides financial advisors with clear step-by- step plans for growing new business opportunities. The atmosphere is motivational; the content is concise and achievement driven.


The content is based upon Paul Karasik’s books How to Market to High-Net-Worth Households and 22 Keys to Sales Success: How to Make It Big in Financial Services. You will learn:


  • Maximizing profitable relationships
  • How to work less and double your sales in six months
  • The secret to cross selling products
  • The secret to cloning your ideal clients
  • Systems for duplicating your marketing success
  • How generate a stream of high-net- worth referrals
  • How to maintain personal motivation
  • Strategies for increasing professional satisfaction