Inside Wholesaler Certification Program™ - Wholesaler Institute
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Inside Wholesaler Certification Program™

Accelerated Learning with Comprehensive Accountability


Teleconferencing; no travel required.


This is a state-of-the-art, web-based certification (5 sessions — one per month), online and facilitated.


Most sales managers understand the need for, and the benefits of providing the inside sales team with an effective sales training program. The new hire must learn the essentials of the product and organization, as well as the sales process, to get up and running as quickly as possible. The more experienced wholesaler must learn how to increase results.


Unfortunately, most managers struggle with a variety of outside issues that are training roadblocks. Training obstacles that managers must overcome include scheduling training time, monitoring and measuring results, designing systems for follow-up and holding the participants accountable.


We have a training solution that solves your inside wholesaler training needs. It’s the Inside Wholesaler Certification Program™. This system combines web training with live coaching. It is an activity-based, learner-driven system that holds the participants accountable every step of the way. No more training that fails to hold the wholesalers accountable for the material!