Hybrid Wholesaler Boot Camp - Wholesaler Institute
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For the New Hybrid Wholesaler

MAY 24 & 26 , 2022

 1:00 – 4:30 PM EST via Zoom

Program Overview

Hybrid wholesaling has come of age!  Triggered by recent events, practically all teams have begun embracing hybrid sales team models.  The potential and profitability of hybrid wholesaling is enormous.  Unfortunately, much of this potential is never realized because the hybrid sales team has not been properly trained and coached in sales strategies and techniques that are unique to their role.

The Wholesaler Institute has played a major role in the financial industry in the development and training of hybrid wholesaler teams.  This unique boot camp will enable your team to increase sales within their territories by implementing the best practices of the most successful hybrid wholesalers.

This program is skilled based.  The participants will play an active role in mastering the selling skills needed to accelerate sales in the hybrid role.  Hybrid wholesalers will be equipped both inside on the phone and face-to-face to achieve both short- and long-term sales goals.  Your hybrid sales team will maximize their success by:

  • Opening closed doors to top producers
  • Getting more telephone call-backs and face-to-face-appointments
  • Qualifying quickly and eliminating nonproductive calls
  • Implementing Value-First™ strategies and techniques for closing
  • Improving efficiency  with Time Mastery™
  • Harnessing technology to increase sales results
  • Transforming objections into sales opportunities
  • Delivering dynamic presentations face-to-face and on the phone
  • Mastering the art of closing the sale

$997 per participant

For more information and to register Email: [email protected] or call: 310-546-9277