National Sales Managers Hybrid Wholesaling Update - Wholesaler Institute
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National Sales Managers Hybrid Wholesaling Update

Complimentary Program for Managers of Hybrid Sales Teams

 Date: April 6, 2022

 Time: 1:00 – 2:30 PM EST via Zoom

Program Overview

Triggered by the recent events, practically all teams have begun embracing hybrid sales team models to one degree or another. Some large teams have gone 100% hybrid. Hybrid wholesaling has come of age. Sales leaders now recognize the clear advantages and efficiencies of hybrid wholesaling.

These advantages include expanding coverage, reducing salary expenditure, increasing sales, and providing a clear wholesaler development strategy. Regardless of the size of your team and your distribution model, hybrid wholesaling has the potential to improve your sales results. Now the question is not so much should we adopt it, but rather how should we adapt it for our team.

Attend this complimentary Hybrid Wholesaling Update session on April 6 and be equipped with the most current hybrid wholesaling information you need to make the best executive decisions.

This Hybrid Wholesaling Update will include:

  • Exploring new hybrid role and responsibility models
  • Structuring hybrid compensation
  • Creating “pod” teams including hybrids
  • Using the hybrid model for wholesaler development

The Wholesaler Institute has played a major role in the financial industry in the development and training of hybrid wholesaler teams. This Hybrid Wholesaling Update will enable your team to increase sales within their territories by implementing the best hybrid wholesaling practices.

Special bonus: All participants will receive a complimentary registration to the Wholesaler Institutes upcoming Hybrid Wholesaler Sales Training Boot Camp on April 12 & 14. Offer valid one time per company. ($997 value)

If you would like to learn how to create or improve your hybrid sales, plan to attend this fast-paced informative session.

To Register: Please call or e-mail us with your full contact info to receive the Zoom meeting details and to confirm your attendance.

 P.S. If you have never participated in a Wholesaler Institute event, this is a wonderful introduction into how collaboration helps all of us to be more profitable.

 Phone: (310) 546-9277


 I look forward to seeing you on this timely industry update,

Paul Karasik

President, Wholesaler Institute