Maximizing Your Potential - Wholesaler Institute
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Maximizing Your Potential

Secrets for Achieving Peak Performance


It’s no secret; real success is measured both personally and professionally. This program will provide you with proven strategies and techniques that will enable you to create more joy, satisfaction, and pleasure in your life while quadrupling your income.


It’s obvious, material success provides us with the freedom to experience more fun. This program sheds light and insights into why fun is, in fact, a critical element in achieving more success. Fun is both a result and a cause. You will be facilitated in a process that will allow you to create a compelling vision and learn why Albert Einstein stated, “Imagination is more powerful than knowledge.” Inspired by your bigger “why,” each day will be infused with more passion and sense of purpose.


You will leave this session with the tools you need to make a quantum leap in your performance in business, while experiencing a deeper, more rewarding and complete personal life.


This fast-paced presentation combines entertaining stories, humor and visual reinforcement with activity-centered learning. It is based upon Paul Karasik’s PBS National Television Special, If My Heart Could Do My Thinking. You will be provided with the tools for:


  • Clarifying your ideal life vision personally and professionally
  • Accelerating success with Future Focus Momentum
  • Achieving consistent results by harnessing the power of “entrainment”
  • Feeling more motivated professionally and personally
  • Expanding your Life is Good Factor
  • Making a quantum leap in your production