The Persuasive Advantage™ - Wholesaler Institute
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The Persuasive Advantage™

Wholesaler Presentation Skills that Persuade, Influence, and Sell


Successful presentations persuade, sell, and influence the audience to take action. The Persuasive Advantage™ provides wholesalers with the training needed to deliver presentations that maximize sales results. The program enables participants to give convincing, riveting presentations that produce specific, predetermined outcomes.


Dynamic presentations establish trust, initiate relationships, and motivate. This program provides wholesalers with proven strategies and techniques that go beyond the boring and uninspiring product-pitch and data-dump. Wholesalers learn how to command attention and create new sales opportunities each and every time they present to a group.


The Persuasive Advantage™ is an activity-based learning experience in which each participant takes an active role. Improvement in skills occurs through insightful coaching, feedback via video and from live audiences, role-playing exercises, and demonstrations. Improvement in performance is reinforced and sustained with a personal follow-up coaching component.


You will learn how to:

  • Create instant rapport with an audience
  • Establish new profitable relationships
  • Attract business opportunities with ideal clients
  • Design a perfect presentation
  • Harness every presentation to close new business
  • Motivate your audience to take action
  • Master the art of persuasive communication
  • Gain recognition as an effective presenter

(Full agenda available upon request)