Integrity Life Insurance Company - Wholesaler Institute
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Integrity Life Insurance Company

The wholesaling team at Integrity Life Insurance Company faced the challenge of competing against products that offered outstanding features. Seeking to increase sales, Integrity invested in training to improve wholesaler professionalism. The Wholesaler Institute provided a variety of targeted skill-development programs for wholesalers, including presentation skills, advanced marketing strategies, one-to-one selling skills, and Value-First Wholesaling™.

The Wholesaler Institute customized its training to address the products and the target market for Integrity wholesalers. The training allowed for personal selling styles while creating a consistent approach for all members of the wholesaling team.


The Wholesaler Institute training programs have contributed to Integrity’s wholesaling success, helping Integrity gain brand recognition in the marketplace and remain competitive. An ever-expanding product line and measurable sales results reflect Integrity’s success. Wholesalers continue to achieve results by applying The Wholesaler Institute’s sales and marketing strategies and techniques.