Ameritas Variable Life Insurance Company - Wholesaler Institute
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Ameritas Variable Life Insurance Company

The wholesalers of Ameritas Variable Life Insurance Company needed a comprehensive Value-First™ program to initiate and build productive relationships with financial advisors. The Wholesaler Institute designed a multifaceted marketing education program for Ameritas wholesalers to deliver. “The Provision™” seminar system gives wholesalers a proven way to help advisors acquire more clients.


This turnkey program includes direct mail brochures, newspaper advertisements, seminar invitations, and evaluation forms. The Wholesaler Institute enabled Ameritas wholesalers to reposition themselves from product-pushers to strategic-marketing partners.


Three elements facilitate the success of this program. First, it is system-based and includes every marketing component, enabling wholesalers to present much more than sales tips. Second, advisors learn three types of group presentations, selecting the type most appropriate for their style, business model, and target audience. Third, the entire program is customized for Ameritas’s wealth transfer products.


Wholesalers open doors and create new sales opportunities because they first add value to the relationship. Ameritas reinforces the marketing axiom: Product sales happen automatically when wholesalers add value first.