Assante Asset Management - Wholesaler Institute
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Assante Asset Management

It’s no secret! Assante Asset Management knocks the ball out of the park selling its fee-based product. The Assante wholesaling culture had always promoted seminar selling to advisors. When Assante wholesalers deliver client seminars, appointments and sales inevitably result.


The challenge for Assante was how to enable the advisors themselves to conduct seminars without the help of Assante wholesalers. They needed a turnkey seminar system for advisors.


The Wholesaler Institute filled that need by writing the Seminar Success Guide, the most comprehensive seminar-marketing guide in the financial industry.


The Seminar Success Guide literally provides everything: systems for filling the seats, closing strategies for appointments, motivational and persuasive presentation techniques, marketing scripts, sample letters, and proven referral-generation methods. In addition, the Seminar Success Guide contains a wide range of valuable contacts and resources.


Equipped with this powerful tool, Assante wholesalers can now help producers harness seminars to build their business. After receiving training in coaching skills by the Wholesaler Institute, Assante wholesalers regularly offer the Seminar Success Guide and deliver field support to advisors who are qualified to sell their product. Everyone wins.