Mastering the Art of Wholesaling - Wholesaler Institute
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Mastering the Art of Wholesaling

Winning Strategies and Techniques for Today’s Marketplace


Mastering the Art of Wholesaling™ keynote presentation will supercharge your next sales meeting!  The strategies and techniques presented in this program will guide your wholesaling team in its pursuit of excellence and extraordinary achievement.


Regardless of the level of experience and expertise, your wholesalers will learn new approaches to increasing sales.  Sales results improve when wholesalers invest time more effectively and focus on the most lucrative opportunities.


Paul Karasik will deliver the ideas, strategies, and techniques from his best-selling book, Mastering the Art of Wholesaling to your wholesaling team.  Paul’s book and this program are based on twenty years of experience and research including more than one hundred in-depth interviews conducted with leading regional wholesalers, divisional managers, key account managers, and national sales managers defining the best practices of the most successful professionals in North America.


Mastering the Art of Wholesaling™ is a fast-paced and entertaining learning experience. The atmosphere is motivational, the content is precise and achievement-driven.  Your team will maximize success by:


  • Managing time and activity more effectively
  • Identifying and qualifying ideal clients
  • Creating a compelling value proposition
  • Mastering the art of creating and maximizing profitable relationships
  • Opening closed doors and maximizing sales potential

(Full agenda available upon request)