Master Class: Maximizing Leadership Success - Wholesaler Institute
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Master Class: Maximizing Leadership Success™

Leading a World-Class Wholesaling Organization

June 16, 2021

1:00 – 4:30 PM EST via Zoom

Program Overview

The secret to unleashing the selling power of your sales team is visionary leadership combined with effective sales management methods. This program provides the precise management and leadership skills needed to produce dramatic sales results and create a team that exemplifies professionalism and achieves extraordinary results.

Accountability is the single most important element for improving wholesaling excellence. Managers will learn how to use the patented Wholesaler Institute accountability process. The weekly wholesaler reporting system ensures wholesalers are seeing the right people, seeing enough of them, and communicating in the most effective manner.

Maximizing Leadership Success™ provides sales managers with roadmaps for both their teams and themselves for achieving long- and short-term sales goals. This program is achievement-based and interactive. It goes beyond theory.

Each participant takes an active role. The program shows leaders how to maximize the potential of each of the members of their respective teams. Equipped with a unified approach, managers work together implementing processes that are focused and accountable.

You will learn how to:

  • Enlist the power of accountability based upon the “Three Drivers”
  • Effectively coach wholesalers using the weekly activity reporting system
  • Manage multiple priorities and time effectively
  • Deliver dynamic improvement in sales performance with Brilliant Coaching™
  • Harness the power of duplicable selling systems and scripts
  • Create a team that is laser-beam focused on goals
  • Re-energize senior wholesalers who are stuck in a rut
  • Hire and develop sales superstars capable of achieving short- and long-term goals
  • Establish a Value-First™ sales culture
  • Employ the power of mission and vision to energize and inspire the team

$497 per participant

For more information and to register Email: or call: 310-546-9277