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Value-First Wholesaling™

The Blocking and Tackling for Wholesaling Success

June 7 – 10, 2021

1:00 – 4:30 PM EST via Zoom

Program Overview

The wholesaling game has changed! The financial marketplace is flooded with high-quality financial products. Old-school wholesaling techniques are no longer effective. New and innovative training is required to expand market share and increase sales.

This program is designed for today’s wholesaler, who is targeting consumers within the current financial marketplace. From this program, wholesalers will receive a more comprehensive, strategic, and tactical approach. They will also learn the specific skills and systems needed for achieving optimal sales results.

Wholesalers will master the core processes including:  how to segment their book, how to identify and qualify ideal prospects, how to effectively manage their territory, setting up call rotations and time mastery.  Every participant will grasp the idea of “blocking and tackling.”  Sales success of the wholesaler will improve because they would have invested their time with the most qualified prospects and clients.

The Value-First Wholesaling™ boot camp provides a thorough roadmap for successful conversations and presentations.  Wholesalers learn how to ask questions, actively listen, handle objections and close new business.  By combining the metrics of time and territory management with the metrics of quality meetings, wholesalers forge a competitive advantage and achieve short and long-term sales goals. They will further create an on-going, profitable relationship, by adding value throughout the wholesaling process.

Value-First Wholesaling™ enlists a variety of interactive adult learning technologies. The atmosphere of the program is motivational; the content is concise and achievement driven. Each participant takes an active role in this powerful learning experience.

The program focuses on the following topics:

  • Time and Territory Management – Scheduling and Rotations
  • Writing an Effective Business Plan
  • Segmenting and Targeting with 80/20s
  • Expanding Business with Current Clients
  • Adding Value to Position Products and Services
  • Establishing New, Profitable Relationships
  • Implementing a Successful Marketing Plan
  • Achieving Sales with a Value-First Wholesaling Approach
  • Conducting Effective and Profitable Meetings
  • Handling Objections and Closing Strategies and Techniques
  • Enlisting Duplicable and Dependable Marketing Systems
  • Developing a Team Approach with Inside Wholesalers

For more information and to register Email: or call: 310-546-9277