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Mastering the Art and Science of Sweet Persuasion

How to Double Your Income this Year

This program is designed to provide strategies and techniques to create a steady stream of qualified high-value prospects and establish long term, mutually profitable relationships.


You will learn the how to initiate, build, and maximize relationships with high-net- worth households. Targeting the high-net- worth client will enable you to substantially increase your income and grow your business exponentially.


Paul is a Million Dollar Round Table presenter who provides financial advisors with clear step-by- step plans for growing new business opportunities. The atmosphere is motivational; the content is concise and achievement driven.


The content is based upon Paul Karasik’s books How to Market to High-Net-Worth Households and 22 Keys to Sales Success: How to Make It Big in Financial Services. You will learn:


  • Maximizing profitable relationships
  • How to work less and double your sales in six months
  • The secret to cross selling products
  • The secret to cloning your ideal clients
  • Systems for duplicating your marketing success
  • How generate a stream of high-net- worth referrals
  • How to maintain personal motivation
  • Strategies for increasing professional satisfaction

Find out how your organization can achieve your sales goals with our customized training and consulting. Ensure your own success story by contacting the Wholesaler Institute now.

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