Keyport Life Insurance - Wholesaler Institute
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Keyport Life Insurance

Keyport Life Insurance needed an effective strategy and tools for cross-selling to qualified bank customers. They faced a twofold problem: how to get bank customers to feel comfortable with investment products, and how to generate valuable referrals from bank employees.


The Wholesaler Institute created what has become one of the longest running success stories in wholesaling: the Seminar-in-a-Box. We designed the “Retirement Planning FUN-damentals Seminar” especially for the bank-channel audience. The presentation uses games, music, and prizes, creating a lively, fun-filled atmosphere, to illustrate concepts and encourage strong audience participation.


Because the seminar is entertaining, bank employees feel motivated to invite bank customers to attend. And because the seminar delivers essential information for successful retirement planning, it generates a steady stream of appointments for the investment rep at the bank branch.


Keyport continues to be one of the dominant players in the bank-channel. One unforeseen benefit of the Seminar-in-a-Box program: It’s a powerful selling tool for securing shelf space in a number of bank programs. Banks recognize the importance of education and field-marketing support. Keyport has created a competitive advantage, and delivers on the promise. And our Value-First Wholesaling™ has enabled Keyport to lead the field in this marketplace.