Pioneer Funds - Wholesaler Institute
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Pioneer Funds

Working as a team with the Vice President of Sales Development and the marketing department of Pioneer Funds, the Wholesaler Institute created one of the most complete Value-First Wholesaler™ programs in the financial industry: the Premier Producer Institute (PPI).


A comprehensive approach for improving producers’ professional lives, PPI uses three strategic models for adding value: the educational strategy, the field-support strategy, and the consultative strategy.


Wholesalers first conduct a needs-analysis interview. Then, using the interview results, they offer appropriate professional development. Along with some of the financial industry’s most respected experts in both the wire-house and independent channels, wholesalers deliver marketing education.


PPI topics include referral generation, how to manage your practice, marketing to seniors, fee-based businesses, small business retirement plans, how to market to the affluent, seminar selling, and advanced selling skills.


The program also offers field-support marketing materials and educational resources such as books and audiotapes.


The Pioneer Advisory Board, consisting of members of the Pioneer organization and industry experts, is available for coaching and consulting.


Pioneer Funds has enjoyed a massive increase in sales thanks in large part to the Premier Producer Institute. PPI shows how application of the Value-First Wholesaling™ philosophy creates sales results.